Research Brief

I am a first-year graduate student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I work primarily with Eric Paulos and Björn Hartmann, focusing on physical computing in the broadest sense of the term. My research interests lie in the general feedback loop, sensing, power harvesting, tangible interaction, and digital fabrication. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in Mechanical Engineering and worked with Shwetak Patel and the UbiComp Lab in Computer Science and Engineering, where I learned how research applies to society at large.

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About Me

Born & raised in Portland, Oregon. Transplanted to Seattle, and lived in Maple Leaf, while completing my undergrad at the UW. After graduating in June 2011, I took a job as a design engineer, proposed to my high school sweetheart, and resettled into community at Mars Hill Church Portland. By August, nagging back pain was diagnosed as Stage IV Ewing’s Sarcoma and we began a battle with cancer. Through much prayer, support, and marriage, God miraculously healed me in April 2012! After almost one year cancer-free, I relapsed locally. Katie & I know God can still heal and have begun a new chapter in Berkeley, California.

Selected Work